The secret to making crispy dried strawberries at home

Crispy Dried Strawberries is a dish loved by many young people. This is also a fruit that can be processed into many different dishes. So what are the uses of strawberries? How to make dried strawberries? This is also the concern of many people today. Join us to find out in today’s article to get a specific answer about this product.

Some uses of crispy dried strawberries

Strawberries are a fruit that contains a high amount of vitamin C. Therefore, the regular use of strawberries will be very beneficial to your health. Strawberries also contain a lot of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, so they are especially good for the cardiovascular system. In addition, eating strawberries helps to reduce blood sugar and prevent cancer cells.

Regular use of strawberries will help your body maintain balance, powerful antioxidants that prevent the growth of cancer cells. Maintaining a good resistance helps your body stay healthy. For people with high blood pressure, strawberries are an extremely useful fruit. It helps to regulate your blood pressure more, avoiding a sudden increase in blood pressure.

Crispy dried strawberries have many advantages and uses
Crispy dried strawberries have many advantages and uses

Strawberries are a very healthy food for everyone. Therefore, there are many customers who choose to buy and store a lot of strawberries to eat gradually. However, when buying a lot of strawberries to use, you need to know how to preserve them to avoid spoilage. One of the most effective ways to preserve strawberries is to make them crispy. This method both enhances the taste of the fruit and helps to preserve it for a longer time.

Some ways to make crispy dried strawberries at home

Making crispy dried strawberries at home is not too difficult. But for the finished product to be both beautiful and quality, you need to choose the most suitable method. You can refer to some ways to make crispy dried strawberries at home below and choose for yourself the most suitable method, quality and ensure the most food safety and hygiene.

Make crispy dried strawberries by drying in the sun

This is a manual, easy-to-do method that many people have used since ancient times. However, to make strawberries dry and crispy, you need to consider the weather factor. It is best to choose to dry strawberries on sunny days, high temperature, low air humidity.

The first step when drying strawberries is to choose fresh, succulent fruits and then wash them thoroughly. After the strawberries are drained, put them in the trays and let them dry. For quick drying, you can slice strawberries into small pieces. The time to create crispy dried strawberries is about 3-5 days. With this method, you need to spend a lot of time and effort to dry.

There are many ways to make crispy dried strawberries today
There are many ways to make crispy dried strawberries today

Make crispy strawberries in the oven

For families who own ovens, using them to make crispy dried strawberries is also very convenient. Just like how to make sun-dried strawberries, you first need to choose the fruit and wash it thoroughly. Next, put the strawberries in the oven and set the temperature to about 250 degrees F and then start the machine.

The time for dried strawberries to be crispy when using the oven is about 3-5 hours. After the strawberries are taken out of the oven, you should let them cool and then pack them and store them.

The working principle of SUNSAY refrigeration dryer is as follows:

The refrigeration system is a closed operation cycle, the air is convection and recirculation thanks to the convection fan system, without exhausting the drying air.

The drying air from the drying chamber returns to the dehumidification cooling system. Here, the air is cooled to the dew point, the moisture in the air is separated out in the form of water. Water is collected and discharged through a separate water pipeline.

– After being dehumidified and dried, the air is re-heated to the set temperature to be dried and returned to the drying chamber.

– In the drying chamber, with the difference in humidity, the moisture on the product is absorbed by the dry air and dries the product.

– The air convection system of the SUNSAY refrigeration dryer is designed on a separate principle to ensure that the air is evenly distributed in all trays and on the product surface to help the product dry evenly and uniformly.

– Refrigeration dryer operates in a closed cycle, so the temperature and humidity outside the environment do not affect the work, and the drying time of fruits, agricultural products, and vegetables.

Refrigeration system is optimally designed to ensure the highest drying efficiency.

Supplying 16 trays Refrigeration Dryer to Dak Lak
Supplying 16 trays Refrigeration Dryer to Dak Lak

Method of making crispy strawberries by dryer SUNSAY

Sublimation dryer
Sublimation dryer

The SUNSAY dryer is considered an effective tool in drying strawberries and a variety of other fruits. With an automatic and intelligent design, you can easily obtain beautiful batches of crispy dried strawberries with very high quality of the finished product.

This is also the advantage of this type of dryer compared to products made from other traditional drying methods. Using a modern dryer is also a way for you to optimize the drying process to save time and effort as well as bring the best quality of finished products when used.

Crispy dried strawberries made by dryer SUNSAY
Crispy dried strawberries made by dryer SUNSAY

The capacity of the machine is also very high to help you shorten the time to make crispy dried strawberries. You can also choose for yourself a dryer with the most suitable capacity for your needs to use and save money.

Because we have been providing customers with a wide variety of dryer products of different types and capacities on the market, helping users have more choices. You are also completely assured of the cost of electricity because the SUNSAY dryer is a product that consumes very little electricity. For more information about the product, you can immediately visit the website:

Contact method to order dryer SUNSAY

In addition to sublimation dryers, SUNSAY Vietnam also provides other types of dryers such as:  food drying machine, heat dryers, refrigeration dryers, and horizontal dryers,…

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