How can dried pumpkin be of economic value and quality?

Dried pumpkin – one of the foods familiar to Vietnamese people that is used daily with cheap price, easy to eat and easy to prepare, … However, the problem of preserving pumpkin is very concerning because of long distance transportation as well as long distance transportation. Current preservation methods do not guarantee nutrients.

Join us to the article below to learn about modern methods to preserve this type of pumpkin. This method promises to bring you the most optimal solution to the processing problem, both economically and with high quality.

The benefits of freeze-dried pumpkin

First of all, we will mention the quality of the pumpkin after it is completely dried, it is very crispy and can be broken easily by hand, but the color is still beautiful. Today’s dried vegetable product is very popular because it can be preserved for a whole year without worrying about spoiling. The quality of the product as well as the nutrients inside are still almost intact.

Dried pumpkin has a very natural color
Dried pumpkin has a very natural color

To get the above quality pumpkin, you need to use a cold dryer. This is the best way to be able to dry crisp vegetables but still retain all the original essence. According to research, the remaining moisture in the product is only in the range of 0 to 3%.

What can dried pumpkin do?

Consumers are very worried when using dried foods because they think that there are no nutrients inside. Pumpkin is one of the foods that contain a lot of fiber and vitamin supplements for the body. So can this method be used to prepare many dishes?

As mentioned, most of the nutrients in pumpkin are still preserved, so it can be used to cook porridge for children, cook nutritious porridge for the elderly and sick, and make food coloring powder. products, making nutritious drinks, ….

How to get the quantity of dried pumpkin in a short time?

This is not only a question of consumers but also pumpkin processing units. The simple thing is that when processing the quantity of dried pumpkin in a short time, it will meet the needs of the market and increase competitiveness compared to other units.

Drying pumpkin with a dryer brings high efficiency
Drying pumpkin with a dryer brings high efficiency

Using an industrial refrigeration dryer will do the best solution for these units. Benefits of a freeze dryer:

  • Large capacity: It is possible to process dried pumpkin in large quantities in a short time. Depending on your needs, you can choose the most suitable machine capacity to help dry pumpkin more efficiently and with better quality. For business establishments, they can choose for themselves high-quality and large-capacity machines to dry a large number of pumpkins. Meanwhile, small businesses or families should choose a mini dryer or a machine with a small capacity to save costs and dry faster.
  • Save a lot of costs: This product line is designed with a power saving mode, as well as a good warranty from SUNSAY. Therefore, when using this product, you can save a lot of costs for the operation as well as the use process without having to repair or replace.
  • Reasonable product price: The current types of food dryers are very diverse in type, capacity, and model. Each type has its own advantages and is also extremely affordable. However, you must choose to buy at a reputable unit like SUNSAY to ensure quality products at good prices.
  • Make sure the food color remains the same. This is a huge advantage of this product and is highly appreciated by users for the quality when using a dryer to dry pumpkin. Products are completed on modern technological lines with automatic operating machinery system. The color, taste, and nutrition of the food are preserved. At the same time ensure food hygiene and safety for all products.

With the benefits that we provide about this product line, surely people are very different from knowing which unit to choose to buy to get genuine products. SUNSAY will be the best choice for every customer.

12 tray mini refrigerator dryer
Products are made of 100% INOX 304 quality assurance – Pumpkin dryer for good quality, multi-function

Make dried food with a pig dryer

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