Processing method of freeze-dried tamarind

Freeze-dried sour tamarind, also known as dried tamarind, is often seen appearing a lot on Tet holiday, chosen by many families to make jam on New Year’s Day. Let’s learn about how to make dried tamarind by the freeze-drying method right here.

Introduction of freeze-dried sorrel

Characteristics of tamarind when fresh

Tamarind tree is a perennial fruit tree, woody. Tamarind tree flowers and then bears fruit. Tamarind fruit when young is green and when it is old, the tamarind skin gradually turns sandy brown. The thin inner shell is the thin pulp and the large round seeds. A tamarind that can be as long as an index finger can have 3 to 4 seeds in a tamarind.

The flesh of the fruit is edible but has a very sour taste, tamarind can be enjoyed as a fresh fruit, processed into sour soups, and made dried tamarind. When the tamarind fruit is young, if eaten directly, the whole seed can be eaten, but when the tamarind is old and ripe, the tamarind seed will turn dark yellow or brown and become hard to eat. 

Tamarind is a familiar fruit for everyone
Tamarind is a familiar fruit for everyone

Characteristics of tamarind when it is freeze-dried

When tamarind is old or ripe, it can be refrigerated to produce a dried tamarind product with a very delicious taste, much less sour taste like when young. Dried tamarind can be left with the skin on to make a snack similar to jam, but it is interesting to separate the crispy skin to eat the dried tamarind meat that becomes sticky.

Or you can split the peel and then make tamarind jam, which is often used to cook soup, make tea, make cakes, make candy, cook sour soup, etc. The special thing is that tamarind after being dried by freeze-drying technology will turn color. Dark brown, viscous, but has a very delicious sweet taste.

The effects of dried tamarind bring

Freeze-dried tamarind contains a lot of vitamin C, vitamin B and many essential nutrients that are good for the body. Has a laxative effect, helps stimulate taste, improves poor appetite.

Freeze-dried tamarind has many health benefits
Freeze-dried tamarind has many health benefits

Besides, eating dried tamarind can solve nausea caused by fatigue or heat, loss of appetite during pregnancy. Moreover, dried tamarind also has the effect of contributing to rehydration, electrolytes, providing vitamins and minerals for the body. Helps prevent constipation, control blood pressure. It can also contribute to the treatment of symptoms or bleeding gums. Dried tamarind is very good for people with heart disease, people with blood pressure symptoms. Tamarind is a source of antioxidants, anti-cancer.

SUNSAY Vietnam Refrigeration Machine is an important tool for making freeze-dried sour tamarind

The SUNSAY Vietnam system’s tamarind dryer is manufactured using advanced technology from absolutely safe materials that have been tested, such as stainless steel, silicon. Our refrigerating dryers are equipped with a heating motor with automatic cooling with temperatures ranging from -10°C to 5°C. An additional fan is installed to distribute the heat evenly on the tamarind drying trays.

SUNSAY freeze dryer for delicious frozen sour tamarind quality
SUNSAY freeze dryer for delicious frozen sour tamarind quality

Using SUNSAY refrigeration dryer will produce dried tamarind products of medium quality and uniform quality. Because the machine operates under a semi-automatic mechanism, when making tamarind, it will save a lot of labor costs and time. After that, dried tamarind is stored in a dry place covered with plastic bags to ensure long-term storage.

To be able to buy our refrigeration dryer at a preferential price and enthusiastically advise on the right size and type of machine, please contact the hotline: 094 110 8888 .

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