What is the most effective technology for freeze-drying butterfly pea flowers today?

Freeze-drying technology in general, and freeze-drying technology of butterfly pea flowers in particular are now giving users a lot of benefits. Because it is different from the traditional drying method with more outstanding advantages. Read the article below SUNSAY Vietnam will help you learn more about this technology.

What are the health benefits of freeze-dried butterfly pea flowers?

There are many people today who have a need to find and use freeze-dried butterfly pea flowers. Because this flower has many different uses. This type of flower is often used as a fence for decorative purposes. Besides, it also brings many wonderful benefits to health. These include laxative effects and effective wound healing. Not only that, freeze-dried butterfly pea flower also has the ability to regulate blood and prevent cancer when used. Because this flower has a lot of minerals that are good for health.

For women, butterfly pea flower is also a very good flower for hair when it has the effect of smoothing hair and helping women’s skin become brighter and more beautiful. In culinary, this flower is also used to cook sticky rice or used to make drinks. Butterfly pea tea is used by more and more people because of its special taste and beautiful color.

When combining freeze-dried butterfly pea flower with other herbs, it will also bring many special health benefits. Including reducing wrinkles or improving memory effectively. Therefore, more and more people use butterfly pea flower in modern life today.

Butterfly pea flowers before drying
Butterfly pea flowers before drying

What are the advantages of freeze-drying butterfly pea flowers?

It is not by chance that the technology of freeze-drying butterfly pea flowers is very popular. When using this technology, it will bring higher value to the finished product. Because butterfly pea petals are very thin, if used at high temperatures, they will be changed in shape and color.

Using the freeze-drying method to dry butterfly pea flowers will help keep the full nutritional value, color and shape of the flower. This is also the technology used by many people when there is a need to dry other fruits today.

Process of using SUNSAY butterfly pea flower freeze drying technology

The use of SUNSAY freeze drying technology to dry butterfly pea flowers is not too complicated. First of all, you need to harvest the butterfly pea flowers and then prepare enough materials to dry.

Then you arrange the flowers and drying tray in turn, do not stack the petals quickly because it affects the drying quality. When evenly stacked, it will create a standard dryness and ensure the highest quality of the drying batch. Then you set the temperature and humidity for the drying batch.

When setting the temperature and humidity, you can base on the needs as well as the number of flowers. This also affects the setting of drying time, when the butterfly pea flower has finished drying, you should let it cool before closing the bag and storing.

Freeze-dried butterfly pea flower tea has beautiful color, good for health
Freeze-dried butterfly pea flower tea has beautiful color, good for health

Reasons to use SUNSAY dryer

Freezing technology of butterfly pea flowers by SUNSAY dryer is a quality choice. This line of dryers is now very famous in the market because it has many advantages in quality as well as price. When using a SUNSAY dryer, you will also save a lot of energy, the drying time is also faster and the quality is more perfect.

You will also not need to spend a lot of effort and labor. Because all SUNSAY dryers support automatically and produce quality finished products, food safety and hygiene. Currently, SUNSAY Vietnam is selling SUNSAY dryers with different capacities.

SUNSAY dryer helps to increase the drying quality of butterfly pea flowers
SUNSAY dryer helps to increase the drying quality of butterfly pea flowers

Depending on your drying needs and the amount of drying to meet, you can contact to order so that you can use it according to your needs. With many years of experience in providing all kinds of dryers on the market, SUNSAY Vietnam is committed to bringing high quality to every customer when ordering a dryer.

Owning a SUNSAY dryer and applying freeze-drying technology for butterfly pea flowers will help you save a lot of investment costs. Moreover, it also brings you many benefits, saving you the most time. Currently, SUNSAY Vietnam is providing refrigeration dryers with extremely competitive prices. What are you waiting for without owning this modern technology and bringing to your business the most convenient and quality dryer. Call +84 94 110 8888 to buy this product right away.

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