SUNSAY Vietnam – Expert in providing solutions for drying and preserving food & agricultural products. High quality, energy-saving SUNSAY dryer, suitable for small and medium enterprises.

The outstanding lines of dryers are currently being interested by many customers such as refrigeration dryers, sublimation dryers, food dryers. Besides, SUNSAY also consults and installs industrial drying systems such as tower dryers, rotary drum dryers, industrial refrigeration systems, solar dryers…

SUNSAY is a dryer brand with 10 years of experience in manufacturing and manufacturing high-class food dryers. Outstanding machine lines worth mentioning such as refrigeration dryers, sublimation dryers, used to dry food, fruits, fruits, aquatic products, Horizontal line dryers, tower dryers for drying rice, agriculture Is a dryer brand with a team of experienced staff, technicians, and experts in the field of providing drying and preserving solutions for food & agricultural products.

SUNSAY applies advanced cold-drying technology from Europe, which reduces drying time, saves energy, and dried longan products after completion are always guaranteed CLEAN – QUALITY.
With the mechanism of drying air being completely dried and continuously circulating in the drying chamber, the most suitable drying time for fresh longan when using a SUNSAY Vietnam refrigerator is 20 – 50 degrees Celsius, helping to keep the pulp of the longan. The texture is natural, the nutritional value is not changed or the taste is changed by the action of too high temperature.

SUNSAY dryer with outstanding designs, is a high quality machine with outstanding features, saving energy, suitable for small and medium enterprises.

SUNSAY Vietnam – a leading expert in the field of providing drying and preserving solutions for food and agricultural products. Our products meet 3 criteria:

High quality – saving energy – suitable for each customer segment:

  • Households cultivate according to the farm model
  • Facility to buy agricultural products
  • Enterprises processing food, agricultural products, etc.
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