Which agricultural product drying technology should be selected?

Dried agricultural products are a new positive direction for the agricultural production industry. With low costs and high profits, especially suitable for development conditions in our country, dry agricultural products increasingly dominate the market.

However, how is the technology of drying agricultural products ? Does it ensure hygiene and nutritional value? The answer will be through the article below. Let’s find out together.

Which agricultural product drying technology should be selected?
Which agricultural product drying technology should be selected?

Agricultural product drying technology

Hot drying technology

This technology uses hot air to impact the surface of agricultural products to dry agricultural products. In other words, this is the process of diffusing water into the surface of agricultural products and evaporating water from the surface of agricultural products to the environment.

Advantages: The outstanding advantage of the technology is that it can dry a large number of agricultural products. At the same time, with a fast evaporation rate, it ensures that the drying time takes place as soon as possible. This helps the user to be proactive about the time.

Disadvantages: The disadvantage of this technology of drying agricultural products is that it affects the smell and taste of the product. Some heat-sensitive agricultural products will have their color and nutritional value changed.

Some commonly used hot technology drying methods

Natural drying method

This method of drying agricultural products has the outstanding advantage that it does not need to use electricity, so it creates low initial investment costs and does not cause emissions to the surrounding environment. Especially without having to be highly technical, it can still be done.

Because agricultural products are exposed to the open air, the food is not covered and protected. This is inevitable from the attack of flies and flies, causing food unsanitary. Moreover, this method depends on weather factors, so it does not create initiative in the production process. Therefore, it does not bring high economic value.

Oven drying method

This method is to dry the product by an incinerator, so the drying time is faster than manual drying, and at the same time, it is more active in the process.

However, to ensure quality finished products, users must have experience in drying and adjust the most suitable drying temperature.

Method of drying and annealing sulfur dioxide

This technology of drying agricultural products is to use sulfuric acid to incubate with agricultural products, then bring to dry coal or sun to dry. However, if you use too much salt, it will be harmful to health. At the same time, during the drying process, a quantity of carbon will be generated in the smoke, which affects the air environment.

Compared with other traditional methods, this method helps to preserve the product for a long time. However, the toxins have serious effects on human health, so their use is not recommended.

For freeze drying technology

Advantages: Freeze drying technology is one of the most advanced and modern drying technologies on the market today. With the principle of using air with humidity from 10 to 30% and temperature from 3 to 80 degrees Celsius, it should bring good, nutritious products.

Working principle of refrigerating dryer
Working principle of agricultural product drying technology

Cons: The initial cost required to invest is quite large, so not all units have the conditions to own. And without electricity, the technology of drying agricultural products cannot be done.

Some cold technology drying methods

Heat pump drying method

This method is to use a heat pump system, a dehumidifier system, a heater to adjust the temperature and humidity so that the air stream is completely dry, and then put it into the drying chamber to dry the agricultural products. The commonly used temperature is between 10 and 50 degrees Celsius.

The initial investment cost is about 110 million VND/machine with a capacity of 100kg, imported locomotives, so the warranty process in Vietnam faces certain difficulties. When the machine is unfortunately damaged, it takes a long time for the repair process.

During use, it is necessary to regularly stir or dry the product to make the product dry more evenly and more brittle. The moisture content of the finished product is not uniform, so it is only suitable for some agricultural products, mainly for plastic drying.

The initial investment cost is less than VND 50 million/machine with a capacity of 20 kg. Imported locomotive should also create inconvenience for the warranty process.

The moisture content of the finished product reaches 8%, but it does not create uniformity in the middle of the drying chamber, so it is only suitable for plastic drying and a sunny day.

Sublimation drying method

The initial cost is over 100 million with the 5 kg dryer line, so not every business has the opportunity to own it. With the outstanding advantage that the finished product moisture reaches 3%, it creates the most uniformity. However, this method is only suitable for brittle drying, not for plastic drying or sun drying.

SUNSAY refrigeration drying method

SUNSAY drying method using the most advanced and modern cold technology. With the outstanding advantage of retaining the same color, smell, taste and nutritional value as fresh agricultural products, it brings high value of finished products. Thereby helping the production unit achieve economic benefits.

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The initial cost to spend is less than 50 million / machine with a capacity of 20 kg. About 95% of equipment is imported domestically, saving cost and time. Whenever there is a breakdown or problem, it is fixed in the most timely manner.

The moisture content of the finished product is below 5%, so it creates the most uniformity. Therefore, suitable for drying a variety of types, you can put many different agricultural products in the same drying batch.

Contact method to order dryer SUNSAY

In addition to refrigeration dryers, SUNSAY Vietnam also provides other types of dryers such as: sublimation dryers, heat dryers, rice dryers, and horizontal dryers,…

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