Revealing how to make healthy dried oranges with a Sunsay dryer

Orange is a very familiar fruit every day for us. It provides a lot of nutrients such as vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants, etc. to support the immune system. Besides eating directly as usual, we can also make dried oranges to preserve them longer.

The following article will help you have the clearest information about this product and how to make delicious and nutritious dried oranges for health.

Health benefits of dried oranges

If you want to turn oranges into a novel and healthy snack, make fresh dried oranges right away. With this method, oranges still completely retain nutrients such as vitamin C, fiber, etc. So what are the benefits of dried oranges made with a dryer? Here are the benefits you will get when using this product.


Now it’s easier to make dried oranges. Because instead of having to do it the traditional way, you can use a dryer to save time. If made with a SUNSAY dryer, substances such as essential oils in orange peels are still retained and the alcohol detoxification effect is very good.

Besides, it can also reduce symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations, .. This is one of the great uses that this product brings to users when used.

Dried oranges have a very effective alcohol detoxification effect
Dried oranges have a very effective alcohol detoxification effect

Treat respiratory diseases

Orange peel contains anti-inflammatory and bactericidal substances, so it is very good for health. Therefore, the dried orange peel will help balance the sweetness and pungent taste of the orange peel when eaten to help us improve respiratory problems such as cough, stuffy nose, etc. You can make dried oranges with a machine to Save time and bring better quality products to your family.

Supports healthy weight loss

Because dried oranges contain a lot of fiber, when we eat them, they will help us feel full for longer, curbing cravings. In particular, vitamin C also helps promote fat metabolism strongly to help us improve weight from the inside without using weight loss drugs.

Dried oranges are safe and effective for women to lose weight
Dried oranges are safe and effective for women to lose weight

Why should you make dried oranges with a SUNSAY dryer?

It can be seen that dried orange peel when used properly will bring a lot of useful health benefits. However, what is the best way to make dried oranges, keeping the most nutrients? This is also the question that many people ask.

Currently, many people have been using food dryers , including Sunsay dryers. This product will bring you a safe, quality food and keep the inherent natural nutrients.

Keep the natural taste

Sunsay’s line of dryers can dry foods, fruits and medicinal herbs, etc. SUNSAY’s 9-tray refrigerator or other dryers is a modern dryer product manufactured according to modern technology.

Oranges will be dried at a temperature of 20 to 50 degrees Celsius. The drying chamber of the air-circulator is sealed, the machine structure is compact, energy-saving while still retaining the nutrients as well as the natural flavor of the orange.

Make flexible dried oranges with a Sunsay dryer to keep the flavor and color intact
Make flexible dried oranges with a Sunsay dryer to keep the flavor and color intact

Auto operating mode

Depending on the number of oranges that need to be dried, you can choose to buy cold dryers from 9 trays, 12 trays, 20 or even 30 trays for the most convenient drying process. The outstanding advantage of Sunsay cold dryer is that it is easy to operate with automatic control modes of drying temperature, cooling time and automatic shutdown when the drying batch is complete.

Reasonable price

SUNSAY dryer is a product researched and developed by a team of Vietnamese engineers. With the purpose of helping farmers have an effective way to preserve agricultural products while ensuring quality and taste, the price of Sunsay dryer is very affordable. Most households and businesses can own SUNSAY’s line of refrigeration dryers because of their high economic efficiency.

What is the price of SUNSAY dryer for making dried oranges?

Currently, SUNSAY dryer products are being offered on the market with many different models. The product price depends on the type of dryer selected by the customer and the needs and purposes of use. Based on the needs of each customer, we will advise you on the most suitable product and optimize all costs, ensuring quality.

SUNSAY Vietnam Refrigeration Dryer applies modern cold-drying technology
How much is the price of a herbal dryer is a question that many customers are interested in

SUNSAY Vietnam always enthusiastically advises and supports on how to preserve agricultural products, food, aquatic products, medicinal herbs and appropriate drying methods. The flexible orange drying machine   will bring to customers completely new solutions and save time, reduce investment capital, and bring high economic efficiency to users.

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In addition to refrigeration dryers, SUNSAY Vietnam also provides other types of dryers such as: sublimation dryers, heat dryers, rice dryers, and horizontal dryers,…

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