Price of household food dryer

Price of household food dryer, is a common question when customers text to ask SUNSAY.

On the market today, there are many manufacturers and suppliers of civil food dryers , each type of dryer has its own features and characteristics in terms of design, as well as separate product design and of course price. also vary by brand.

In this article, SUNSAY will list each of its civil food dryer product lines so that customers can understand the most general overview of the price of civil food dryers .

Price of household food dryer

How much is the price of a consumer food dryer that is always interested by many customers
How much is the price of a consumer food dryer that is always interested by many customers

What is a household food dryer?

Food dryer is an auxiliary device for drying food, shortening the drying time. Save time and power compared to the sun drying method (drying).

Currently, there are many different lines of food dryers, from family with compact mini design, suitable for every kitchen, to civil food dryer with drying capacity from 50-200kg, high than the industrial food dryer line from 1-10 tons.

The working principle of the food dryer takes place as follows:

When you plug in the dryer and start it, the current from the power source will enter the motor with heating resistors, the resistor will heat up and generate heat.

During this process, the blower fan will also rotate at a fast speed to help the hot air that the resistor creates to be spread everywhere inside the drying chamber to help the heat contact the surface of the food. materials to be dried and evaporated water in the food.

The use of a food dryer applied in the manufacturing industry, replacing the sun drying method

Food dryer 16 trays
Food dryer 16 trays

How much does a food dryer cost?

Below is a parameter table of SUNSAY food dryer lines, listed by each product model, with each tray size, area and drying volume / drying time for customers to easily visualize.

Model Drying ability Number of trays Price (VND)
SS-4509CD 20 – 25 kg/batch 9 trays 39.000.000
SS-4512CD 30-40 kg/batch 12 trays 42.000.000
SS-5712CD 50 – 60 kg/batch 12 trays 55.000.000
SS-5716CD 70 – 80 kg/batch 16 trays 68.000.000
SS-5720CD 90 – 100 kg/batch 20 trays 82.000.000
SS-5730CD 120 – 150 kg/batch 30 trays 185.000.000
SS-5740CD 180 – 200 kg/batch 40 trays 215.000.000

The above price list applies from July 1, 2022, to receive preferential prices, discounts, customers directly contact SUNSAY Dryer to receive the most detailed food dryer quote

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Mini food dryer series

The line of dryers from 9 to 12 trays, the price of food dryers of these lines are under 50 kg, this is a suitable price for small producers and you starting a business in the processing industry to experience Experience using a dryer before investing in a larger capacity dryer or investing in a more advanced refrigeration dryer.

Outstanding features of civil food drying

  • Save time drying bulk food
  • Save energy and capacity
  • Food safety and hygenic

The biggest advantage when using a civil food dryer lies in its ability to ensure food safety and hygiene. This is directly comparable to the traditional drying method. The traditional drying method requires preliminary processing of ingredients, drying by placing the ingredients on a flat surface in the sun.

After a certain period of time, the food needs to be turned over to ensure unevenness. At the same time, this also helps prevent mold from not being exposed to enough sunlight. However, most production facilities apply the drying method so that the food paper is not covered

Food is easy to come into direct contact with smoke, dust, the external environment, microorganisms are very unhygienic. Meanwhile, food dryers, no matter which technology is used, follow a completely closed process. Food after being processed will be drained and put directly into the machine.

Contact method to order dryer SUNSAY

In addition to food dryer, SUNSAY Vietnam also provides other types of dryers such as: sublimation dryers, heat dryers, refrigeration dryers, rice dryers, and horizontal dryers,…

Please contact Hotline (Zalo): +84 935.995.035 or call center +84 941.108.888 or leave information in the form and we will contact you right away.

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