Dried bananas with a high-quality food dryer

Dried banana is a product that can be stored for a long time and has high nutritional value. Some areas have a lot of bananas, ripe bananas must be sold at a cheap price, if they are damaged, they will incur a fee. While dried bananas have high economic value. SUNSAY will guide the whole family how to make dried bananas with the simplest way.

Dried banana is a product that can be stored for a long time and has high nutritional value. Some areas have a lot of bananas, ripe bananas must be sold at a cheap price, if they are damaged, they will incur a fee. While dried bananas have high economic value.

SUNSAY will guide the whole family how to make flexible dried bananas with the simplest way.

Dried bananas with a food dryer
Dried bananas with a food dryer

Process of making flexible dried bananas:

Step 1:

Choose banana chambers with large, evenly ripened fruits, incubate the bananas until they are ripe, then peeled and dried. Black Siamese bananas (the Central region calls them moldy bananas or leaves them to blacken to make them sweet and delicious), large, sweet, and dried fruits will have beautiful dried bananas, firmer and tougher than other types of bananas. This is also the secret in the process of choosing bananas!

Step 2: Mix salt water plus a little lemon juice.

Step 3: Ripe bananas, peeled, soaked in lemon salt water for about 1 or 2 minutes, then drained and placed in a tray. For halved or sliced ​​bananas, it must be noted that the slice thickness must be even.

With the dried fruit chain, it needs to be pressed flat, not too thin but not too thick (thin, it dries faster but it’s easy to dry, if it’s thick, it takes a long time to dry and look at the dried bananas not “magnificent”, medium-sized fruits are left. Dried bananas are flexible on the outside, delicious to eat, of course).

In addition, you can add a little ginger so that the smell of banana after drying blends with the smell of ginger to create purity in each slice of dried banana.

Flexible dried bananas
Flexible dried bananas

Step 4: Use a dedicated flexible banana dryer to dry bananas. Everyone, take a look at this flexible banana dryer.
The machine must be technically correct to dry bananas quickly, evenly and with quality assurance.

The flexible banana drying machine at SUNSAY has a capacity of 30 kg / batch or more, you can increase the capacity as much as you want, the machine is completely made of stainless steel, so you can be assured of food hygiene and safety.

Those who want to trade in dried bananas, please go to SUNSAY website to contact to buy. The technical side of the supplier will guide you in detail about the drying process and experience.

If using a flexible banana dryer, there is no need to turn the face, the product will still dry evenly. In case you don’t have a device to buy a machine but want to make dried bananas to sip, you can use a mini oven or a microwave oven, using this type, once in a while, you have to turn your face to dry evenly until I feel like I have enough to eat.

To save electricity, you keep the dryer for 1 hour, then stop for 1 to 2 hours for a mini dryer or a micro oven, you keep doing that until you see that the dried bananas meet the requirements, then stop.

For a food dryer dedicated to drying flexible bananas, there is no need because the banana dryer is designed with very good hot wind convection and can adjust the amount of fresh air supplied and the amount of moisture released, so when using a flexible banana dryer, it is not necessary. Saved a lot of electricity.

Dried bananas
Dried bananas

When the dried banana product is flexible, the color is usually yellow-red. If you want the dried banana product to be more red and yellow, you can increase the temperature to high for about 45 minutes, the color of the dried banana product will be brighter.

Step 5: Dried bananas need to be cooled down after drying, if you do it yourself without using SUNSAY’s dryer, just let it cool naturally. Those of you who have bought a flexible banana dryer, after drying, the machine will cool down the bananas.

Step 6: After drying, dried bananas are sprinkled with a little sesame to make them beautiful, then packed. Depending on your tastes, you can pack with different weights, usually 50, 100, 200, 250 grams.

This is a general basic process you can try by yourself, doing it a few times you can learn from experience to bring the standard banana drying process to the best quality as you want. Each unit has a different drying method for different types of dried banana products.

In addition to banana drying, SUNSAY’s dryer can also dry many different products, which can be called a multi-function dryer.

SUNSAY Refrigeration Dryer Quotation

SUNSAY Refrigeration Dryer is a product researched and manufactured in Vietnam by experienced drying engineers. SUNSAY’s mission is to improve the processing and preservation value of Vietnam’s post-harvest agricultural products, contributing to solving the post-processing stage of the fruit industry. SUNSAY dryer ensures the standards of quality, food safety and hygiene.

With a reasonable price, SUNSAY Vietnam believes that SUNSAY refrigeration dryers are completely worth your investment and use for a long time, bringing the best efficiency.

SUNSAY refrigeration dryer brings a completely new and time-saving solution, reducing investment costs for users, bringing high economic efficiency.

SUNSAY dryer company now has many types of refrigeration dryer prices suitable for many production scales of people, from start-up scale production of 10kg, medium scale 200-300Kg to large scale of 5 tons of fresh products. type. The machine responds quickly to drying time, keeps beautiful colors, is especially energy-saving and has high efficiency.

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SUNSAY Refrigeration Dryer is having a program to support drying samples for customers. Please contact SUNSAY Refrigeration Dryer immediately.

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Quotation and order dryer SUNSAY
Quotation and order SUNSAY Refrigeration dryer

SUNSAY Vietnam Refrigeration Dryer is always ready to advise and support on drying methods, ways to preserve food, fruits, agricultural products and aquatic products. SUNSAY Refrigeration Dryer brings a completely new and time-saving solution, reduces investment costs for users, and brings high economic efficiency. With reasonable price, SUNSAY Vietnam believes this equipment Totally worth it for you to invest and use in the long run, bringing the best results.

In addition to refrigeration dryers , SUNSAY Vietnam also provides other dryers such as  sublimation dryers, heat dryers, rice dryers, horizontal dryers,…

Please contact Hotline (Zalo): +84 935.995.035  or call center:  +84 941.108.888  or leave information in the form and we will contact you right away.

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