Freeze-dried Cordyceps Sublimation – Drying method to keep the quality

Previously, to be able to dry cordyceps, people chose the hot drying method. However, drying at high temperature causes the cordyceps to shrivel, lose its original shape, structure, and change its nutrient content.

How to freeze dried cordyceps to keep the nutritional value inside and preserve it for a long time?

Currently, with the advancement of science and technology, freeze-drying technology was born and is an optimal solution for drying precious and valuable medicinal herbs and herbs such as cordyceps. Let’s learn more about the cordyceps sublimation drying process in this article.

The value of freeze-dried cordyceps sublimation

According to oriental medicine, freeze-dried cordyceps sublimation has a sweet taste, is moist, does not weld, has the function of nourishing waste, nourishing the kidney, and helping to improve the quality of life.

Sublimation dried cordyceps
Sublimation dried cordyceps

In modern medicine, freeze-dried cordyceps sublimation contains high levels of protid (main component of cell nucleus and protoplasm), and essential vitamins and minerals for the body.

Cordycepin in cordyceps has the function of enhancing resistance, reducing the immune system, preventing cancer,…

Uses of dried cordyceps sublimation:

• Provide energy, nourish the body
• Regulate blood sugar, reduce the risk of diabetes, control diabetes diseases and complications
• Treat back pain, aches, arthritis, diseases of old age
• Improve circulatory function, cardiovascular function, stabilize heart rate, maintain blood circulation
• Beautify skin, anti-oxidant, support treatment of uncomfortable symptoms of perimenopause

Which method should dry cordyceps follow?

Cordyceps is dried by sublimation drying
Cordyceps is dried by sublimation drying

In the past, to be able to dry cordyceps, people chose the hot drying method with a hot dryer. However, drying at high temperature causes the cordyceps to shrivel, lose its original shape, structure, and change its nutrient content.

Currently, in order to be able to best preserve and store cordyceps, people choose to dry with many drying technologies such as hot air circulation drying, heat pump drying, solar drying,… But The most priority is to use a sublimation dryer – applying the most advanced drying technology, helping to keep up to 98% of the nutritional value.

Sublimation drying is also a drying solution for precious herbs and medicinal herbs such as Ganoderma lucidum, turmeric starch, beeswax, cordyceps,…

How is the processing process of dried cordyceps sublimation flowers?

The process of sublimation drying of cordyceps is quite complicated
The process of sublimation drying of cordyceps is quite complicated

In fact, sublimation drying is applying the principle of sublimation of water, separating moisture inside the sublimation process of water. Water from the solid evaporates into a gas, ignoring the liquid.

When processing freeze-dried cordyceps, it should first be frozen quickly at -40 – -50 degrees Celsius for 3-5 minutes.

The water molecules in cordyceps will be solidified almost instantly with extremely low temperature, almost a vacuum environment.

Then, cordyceps was put into a vacuum chamber. Here the water is sublimated from a solid to a gas, but only 90% of the water is withdrawn to the outside. The remaining 10% of the water in the cordyceps will be dried in the final stage – moisture separation. The sublimation dryer will raise the temperature slowly to 0 degrees Celsius, so that the moisture is removed slowly, not suddenly.

At the end of the freeze-drying process, only about 1-4% of the moisture inside the cordyceps remains.

Advantages of freeze-dried cordyceps sublimation

– Maintain up to 98% shape and color

– Nutritional value is almost unchanged, or changes significantly.

– Increase storage time, store longer

– Higher export value

Which subjects is the dried cordyceps sublimation suitable for?

Cordyceps Tea
Cordyceps Tea

-Sublimation dried cordyceps can be suitable for both men and women over 18 years old:

– The elderly, often suffer from severe pain, muscle fatigue

– People with physical weakness, just getting sick or having surgery

– People with a history of lung diseases such as cough, asthma, tuberculosis, chronic diseases

– People with a history of liver and kidney disease

– People with diabetes, gout

– People who are stressed due to work and study pressure

– People with low resistance, want to restore health

– Men who need to improve their physiological health: impotence, decreased sex drive, premature ejaculation,…

– Women who have needs of beauty, skin rejuvenation, hormonal increase, …

Why choose SUNSAY sublimation dryer?

SUNSAY  sublimation dryer used to dry cordyceps

Sublimation dryers apply sublimation drying technology according to European standards, ensuring the products not only meet in appearance but also have the best quality.

SUNSAY sublimation drying equipment is suitable for the needs of:

– Food processing establishments and enterprises for export

– Dried fruit business establishments

– Medical facilities, biological research…

SUNSAY Sublimation Dryer
SUNSAY Sublimation Dryer

Features of SUNSAY fruit sublimation dryer

– Designed with many smart features, enhancing performance, drying quality to the top.

– Equipped with a fully automatic control system, it is easy to customize the temperature, humidity, time and set up the drying process of medicinal herbs as well as other products.

– LCD screen clearly displays the parameters during operation, helping users to monitor each stage of drying, ensuring the right drying time.

– The entire drying tray is made of 304 stainless steel, with high durability, no rust over time, helping to ensure easy cleaning and cleaning.

– The drying process is closed, fully automatic, helping the product not come into contact with dirt and bacteria outside.

With 10 years of experience, SUNSAY Vietnam understands that the main concern of its customers is the high price?

Is it good quality? Guaranteed long-term effectiveness?

SUNSAY Vietnam affirms to you, when you invest in our sublimation drying equipment as well as our other high-class dryer lines – you will always be satisfied with the use value, durability and price. competitive in the market.

The dryer lines of SUNSAY Vietnam system have different price segments, suitable for:

  • Small farming households
  • Establishments that purchase all kinds of food and agricultural products
  • Manufacturing workshops, food processing enterprises, small and medium-sized agricultural products

If you are looking for a device to dry your products but do not know which line to choose with the capacity and price to best suit your needs.

Some popular sublimation dryer lines of SUNSAY

  • Sublimation dryer 5kg
  • Sublimation dryer 10 kg
  • Industrial Sublimation Dryer

How much does a sublimation dryer cost?

SUNSAY sublimation dryer is a product researched and manufactured in Vietnam by experienced drying engineers. SUNSAY’s mission is to improve the processing and preservation value of Vietnam’s post-harvest agricultural products, contributing to solving the post-processing stage of the fruit industry. SUNSAY sublimation dryer ensures standards of quality, food safety and hygiene.

With a reasonable price, SUNSAY Vietnam believes that the SUNSAY sublimation dryer is completely worthy for you to invest and use for a long time, bringing the best efficiency.

SUNSAY sublimation dryer  brings a completely new and time-saving solution, reducing investment costs for users, bringing high economic efficiency.

SUNSAY dryer company now has many types of sublimation dryer prices suitable for many production scales of people, from start-up production of 5kg, medium-scale 200-300Kg to large-scale production of 5 tons of fresh products. types. The machine responds quickly to drying time, keeps beautiful colors, is especially energy-saving and has high efficiency.

SUNSAY Sublimation Dryer Price

Please contact SUNSAY Vietnam dryer immediately to know how much the sublimation dryer price policy is

Contact sample drying from SUNSAY sublimation dryer

SUNSAY sublimation dryer is having a sample drying program for customers to check quality and evaluate investment efficiency. Please contact SUNSAY Sublimation Dryer immediately.

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Quotation and order dryer SUNSAY

Sublimation dryer SUNSAY Vietnam is always ready to advise and support on drying methods, ways to preserve food, fruits, agricultural products and aquatic products.

SUNSAY sublimation dryer brings a completely new and time-saving solution, reduces investment costs for users, and brings high economic efficiency. With reasonable price, SUNSAY Vietnam believes that equipment This is absolutely worth your investment and use in the long run, bringing the best results.

In addition to refrigeration dryers , SUNSAY Vietnam also provides other dryers such as  sublimation dryers, heat dryers, rice dryers, horizontal dryers,…

Please contact Hotline (Zalo): +84 935.995.035  or call center:  +84 941.108.888  or leave information in the form and we will contact you right away.

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