Instructions for processing delicious and unique dried mangosteen

Dried mangosteen is a product made from fresh mangosteen fruits, creating a novel product that is equally delicious and nutritious. With modern sublimation drying technology, dried mangosteen leaves will give us a sense of pleasure when using.

This product is not only a nutritious snack but it is also a solution to help people have new income, no longer worry too much about preserving agricultural products after harvest.

Through this article, SUNSAY sublimation dryer would like to provide the most basic information about the technical process of processing dried mangosteen with delicious taste and quality.

Dried mangosteen
Dried mangosteen

General introduction about mangosteen fruit

Origin of mangosteen fruit

Mangosteen is a fruit tree scientifically known as Garcinia mangostana , this nutritious fruit was first discovered in the Sunda Moluccas archipelago of Indonesia.

The mangosteen tree produces spherical fruits, when ripe, the rind gradually turns to a deep purple color, enclosing the white part inside the succulent with a characteristic sweet aroma that no other fruit has. In our country, mangosteen trees are grown in large numbers in the western provinces of the river and the Mekong Delta.

Nutritional value in dried mangosteen

Mangosteen is like other fruits, they contain a lot of good nutritional components for the human body. According to the results of studies from scientists, in mangosteen contains fiber, antioxidant compounds that are beneficial to health. In addition, mangosteen also contains many essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B1, vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin B9, magnesium, manganese, copper…

Delicious and nutritious mangosteen
Delicious and nutritious mangosteen

Great benefits of dried mangosteen

With abundant nutrients discovered, mangosteen gives users great uses such as:

  • Enhances the ability to form natural anaphylaxis to help the body fight against invading pathogens.
  • Good support in the treatment of skin-related diseases such as eczema, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis …
  • Adding mangosteen in your diet will help you fight the risk of obesity.
  • Help your skin always maintain in a healthy state, firm…

Basic steps in the processing of dried mangosteen

Step 1: Prepare a quality source of ripe mangosteen

In most of the processes related to the drying field, the selection of the drying material is always the first priority.

In order for dried mangosteen products to meet the standards of aesthetic value, deliciousness and high nutritional content, you need to choose a source of fresh mangosteen that meets the requirements of ripeness as well as sweetness and aroma of the variety. cut off use.

Choose fresh mangosteen ingredients for drying
Choose fresh mangosteen ingredients for drying

Before entering the preliminary processing process, you need to go through the step of choosing raw materials. Mangosteen, after being imported, usually will not be completely ripe.

So you need to choose delicious ripe mangosteen to dry in a batch. The fruits that are still alive or have not yet reached the required maturity should be stored separately until the new batch is dried. Note that crushed or rotten fruits should be discarded so as not to affect the overall quality.

Step 2. Wash the mangosteen skin before preliminary processing

After harvesting, the surface or in the roll of the mangosteen fruit often contains a lot of dirt or foreign microorganisms. To ensure absolute safety and health for users of dried mangosteen products, before preliminary processing, you need to wash the outer part of the mangosteen to avoid dirt or microorganisms. clinging to the flesh of the fruit inside.

Note that during the washing process, you need to pay attention to the pressure of the water flow to avoid crushing or damaging the mangosteen, causing the mangosteen segments inside to deform or become sour, causing the dried mangosteen to fail to meet the requirements. export packing target.

Step 3: Carry out preliminary processing of mangosteen

After being completely washed, the mangosteen fruit will be cut off and the mangosteen segments inside will be removed for drying. Depending on the purpose of production, you can separate each mangosteen or keep the fruit for drying. If you separate each segment, your manipulation needs to be gentle to avoid crushing the mangosteen segments.

Step 4: Dry the mangosteen with SUNSAY . sublimation dryer

After being carefully processed, the mangosteen segments (or fruits) will be evenly arranged in the drying tray of the SUNSAY sublimation dryer. Note that the mangosteen should not be stacked too thickly, causing the mangosteen segments to overlap, affecting the shape of the product after drying.

Mangosteen dried by sublimation drying technology will be frozen to -30 degrees Celsius in a period of 6-8 hours (depending on the size of the mangosteen fruit). After that, the mangosteen will be sublimated and secondary dried in a vacuum pressure environment to dry the product directly by sublimation from solid to vapor without having to go through the liquid phase.

With modern sublimation drying technology, dried mangosteen will retain its original shape, crispy porous structure that is loved by many people.

Step 5: Check and pack dried mangosteen products

Dried mangosteen after satisfactory drying will keep its original shape, beautiful white color and crispy porous structure, easy to use. After the inspection, the dried mangosteen will be packaged in different weights of about 50-200 g or depending on the requirements of the partners for distribution to the market.

Satisfactory dried mangosteen
Satisfactory dried mangosteen

Advantages of dried mangosteen sublimation

Mangosteen dried by sublimation drying technology has the following notable highlights:

  • Mangosteen after drying retains its beautiful natural white color.
  • The shape of the mangosteen segments is kept intact.
  • The nutritional value of the product is almost unchanged.
  • The moisture content in dried mangosteen is low.
  • The structure of the dried product is always porous and brittle, so it can be easily ground into a fine powder to develop into a new product.
  • It is a snack with high nutritional value.

SUNSAY sublimation dryer application in the processing of dried mangosteen

In order to produce dried mangosteen that always meets the standards of color, shape, nutrition and especially the special crunchy porous structure, you need to prepare well at all stages of production from starting materials. to packaging and storage.

In particular, the sublimation dryer is a product drying device that plays an important role in determining the success of the sublimation dried mangosteen product.

Sublimation dryer to dry mangosteen
Sublimation dryer to dry mangosteen

When investing in large-scale production, so that dried mangosteen products always meet the standards set out in the processing process of dried mangosteen, please immediately contact SUNSAY Sublimation Dryer for support. most timely.

How much is the sublimation dryer price?

SUNSAY sublimation dryer is one of the modern drying equipment researched and manufactured by experienced engineers in Vietnam in the field of drying. Sublimation dryers are always perfect in terms of design, internal equipment to fulfill the mission of bringing Vietnamese agricultural products to the world, helping farmers no longer have to face worries about processing and maintenance. post-harvest management of agricultural products and fruits.

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SUNSAY sublimation dryer with reasonable price always gives you the latest and most effective drying solutions, helping you to use the device for a long time, saving time and investment costs at the same time. quickly reap high economic value.

Sublimation dryer is a modern drying equipment applicable to most agricultural, aquatic and medicinal products. SUNSAY has a wide range of dryers with different drying capacities from 5 kg to 30 kg of fresh materials in one drying time and many large capacities to meet the production needs of many investment objects in production according to industrial scale. large manufacturing business or establishment.

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In addition to sublimation dryers, SUNSAY Vietnam also provides other types of dryers such as: refrigeration dryers, heat dryers, rice dryers, and horizontal dryers,…

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