Instructions on how to make a flexible drying whip you should know

Flexible dried whip is one of the favorite foods on the market today not only because of its delicious taste but also many health benefits. The correct application of the drying method will help you keep the flavor, color as well as the nutritional content of the whip.

Making flexible whips by cold drying method

Of all the methods of making flexible whips, the freeze-drying method is currently being implemented a lot in food production and processing factories. Freeze drying method is a technology that is applied to dry fruits and foods but still ensure the integrity of essential nutrients.

Using the freeze-drying method to make flexible whips will help your product achieve high value when it comes to market. After going through the drying process, it will help ensure the integrity of the nutrients as well as the fresh taste like fresh whip. The nutritional content in fresh whip such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc. will be retained to the maximum extent. In addition, the shelf life of dried products is much longer than when the food is fresh.

In addition, with closed freeze drying technology on modern technological lines, flexible dried whip still retains its delicious taste. Avoiding harmful bacteria as much as possible, ensuring food safety and hygiene.

The whip is very familiar in life
The whip is very familiar in life

Steps to make flexible whip with SUNSAY dryer

To be able to get the high quality finished product as desired, you need to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Choose drying ingredients

This is an important step in drying food. For the best quality finished product, you should choose ripe apricots, not crushed or wilted. In case you choose the green whip to dry, it will make the finished product sour, pale, not delicious. Therefore, it is necessary to choose fruits that are ripe enough. Thus, they contain many nutrients as well as ensure the most delicious taste of this fruit. Then bring carefully selected whips to wash with diluted salt water and then drain.

Flexible dried whip products to consumers
Flexible dried whip products to consumers

Step 2: Conduct preliminary processing of fresh whip

Before putting the whip into the SUNSAY freeze dryer for drying, you need to preliminarily process this fruit. Use a knife to halve the whip and remove the seeds inside. At the same time, cut off the stem, core and dry the whip. If you do not do the preliminaries carefully, the finished product will be acrid, reducing their quality.

Step 3: Blanch the fresh whip before drying

After you have carefully prepared the parts of the fresh whip, you need to bring them blanched with boiling water. Blanching through the whip will help the product retain its flavor and color and speed up the drying process. On the other hand, performing this step will help eliminate microorganisms.

Step 4: Dry the fresh whip with SUNSAY . cold dryer

This is the final step in the process of making high quality plastic drying whips. Arrange the blanched whips one at a time on the tray of the SUNSAY freeze dryer. Put the tray in the dryer and adjust the temperature parameters between 50 – 60 degrees Celsius.

SUNSAY dryer - A high-end product line that produces outstanding product quality
SUNSAY dryer – A high-end product line that produces outstanding product quality

The average drying time of the whip will be about 4 hours. After 4 hours of waiting, you can get the finished product that makes the dried whip extremely delicious and attractive. To choose to buy SUNSAY refrigeration products, call us immediately via hotline: +84 941108888.

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