The unexpected uses of raisins you may not know

Grapes are a relatively high value fruit on the market today. Regular use of grapes will be very good for your body. So what are the outstanding uses of raisins? Let’s clarify this information through our article today.

What are the health benefits of raisins?

One of the most popular and popular fruits today is raisins. This product not only helps you provide the necessary nutrients for your body, but also makes it easy to store without worrying about being damaged.

Raisins help support cardiovascular health

Those who often encounter problems related to the cardiovascular system, the regular use of raisins is extremely necessary. In 151g of grapes contains up to 288mg of potassium, this mineral is extremely important to help maintain your blood pressure more stable. Severe potassium deficiency in the body will lead to a high risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Grapes are dried with a cold dryer to ensure a fresh and rich taste
Grapes are dried with a cold dryer to ensure a fresh and rich taste

Raisins help reduce blood sugar and prevent diabetes

The amount of sugar contained in raisins is very low, so this is an extremely suitable fruit for people who are at risk of diabetes. In addition, the nutrients in grapes help improve the body’s ability to use glucose, helping to reduce blood sugar quite significantly.

Compounds in raisins are good for eye health

In a recent test-tube study, the amount of resveratrol present in raisins was able to protect the retinal cells of the eye against ultraviolet A rays. As a result, they will help reduce the risk of macular degeneration. related to the age and general health of the user. At the same time, raisins also contain the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which are compounds that help protect the eyes from damage from blue light.

Dried grapes are very popular
Dried grapes are very popular

How to preserve raisins with different types of dryers

As the above information, we realize that grapes have a lot of nutritional value that is good for human health. However, if you use fresh grapes, this fruit is very easy to spoil or bacteria to invade. 

Therefore, to prolong the product’s shelf life, people proceed to dry grapes in the right environment and temperature. There are many customers who worry that the use of raisins will not be as good as fresh grapes. 

However, with modern drying technology by industrial dryer lines, raisins still ensure the maximum nutrients, flavor and color of them as the original.

Not only that, the shelf life of raisins lasts for months, so you can export this product to countries around the world without worrying about damage. Therefore, the value of raisins on the market is also enhanced. Raisins have also since become extremely delicious snacks that are loved by many customers.

High quality SUNSAY raisin drying machine
High quality SUNSAY raisin drying machine

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