Tell you how to dry delicious and attractive persimmons

Persimmon is one of the snacks that is no longer strange to young Vietnamese people. Persimmon is more and more appearing on the market with many delicious and attractive mixed flavors. So is it difficult to dry persimmon? Let’s clarify this issue through our article below.

Surprising health benefits of persimmons

Not just a snack at young people’s restaurants. Persimmon is also a food with many different nutritional values ​​to help people have new sources of energy.

According to oriental medicine experts, persimmon has a very good effect in the treatment of diarrhea, intelligence, thirst, cough with phlegm as well as symptoms of vomiting, anxiety, sadness … For the medical background In modern times, persimmon is really a very good fruit because it contains abundant nutrients.

Persimmons contain very high levels of vitamins and minerals, in addition, they also have a number of organic compounds that are very good for the body. The nutrients found in typical persimmons such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, fiber, manganese, copper, magnesium, potassium …

Dried persimmons - dried persimmons are becoming a favorite food
Dried persimmons – dried persimmons are becoming a favorite food

Persimmon has a very good effect in supporting weight loss, contains many antioxidants, helps support eye health, helps reduce inflammation, lowers blood pressure, … Thus, the use of persimmons for health is undeniable. However, to make the product more delicious and attractive, people often apply drying methods to increase the value of the product.

How to choose persimmons before making ways to dry persimmons

In order for the drying methods to create the best quality and delicious products, the process of preparing raw materials plays a very important role. The preparation process requires meticulous and thorough implementation. 

According to the latest studies, the use of persimmons in the drying method of persimmons should be ensured about the ripeness of persimmons. Because when you choose pink is too green, it is easy to have a bad effect on users. Because in blue persimmon contains many acids that are not good for health.

Therefore, you need to choose persimmons that are ripe, delicious and juicy. Thus, when conducting persimmon drying, quality products will be created. The taste of dried persimmon is also more delicious and crispy. The value of dried persimmon products is also enhanced when sold on the market.

How to make simple dried persimmons at home with SUNSAY Refrigeration Machine
How to make simple dried persimmons at home with SUNSAY Refrigeration Machine

How to dry persimmon with a high-quality dryer

There are a variety of food dryers appearing on the market of machinery and equipment today. Each type of dryer will have unique applications, capacities and features. Therefore, to be able to choose how to dry persimmon with high productivity, you need to choose models with the corresponding temperature range.

One of the specialized dryers used to dry persimmon is the industrial dryer branded SUNSAY. This is considered the most suitable machine for drying persimmon. The SUNSAY dryer has a wide temperature range that makes it easy to set the right temperature when drying roses.

SUNSAY food dryer for excellent drying quality
SUNSAY food dryer for excellent drying quality

You just need to preliminarily SUNSAY process the persimmon to clean the dirt, then put it in the trays of the dryer . Select the right drying temperature for the highest quality persimmons. In just a short time, you have a delicious pink plastic product right away.

For the latest information about sunsay dryer, contact us immediately via hotline: +84 941108888 .

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