What is the difference between the dried fruit dryer?

There are many different drying technologies on the market today. Including the dried fruit dryer – the most popular product. This is the perfect solution for any business when it comes to drying fruit. To learn more about this drying technology, you can follow the article right below.

List the most popular types of dried fruit dryers

Currently, users have more choices in buying dryers. Because there are many different types of dryers on the market that can dry dried fruit. In which, the following types of dried fruit dryers can be mentioned.

Quality fruit sublimation dryer

Sublimation drying technology so far is no stranger to many people because it is more and more popular. Technology to dry fruits with vacuum pressure and the drying chamber temperature is negative. With this dryer, the fruit retains the maximum nutritional content. However, the cost of sublimation dryers is higher than many other types of dryers.

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Heat pump drying technology for drying dried fruit

By using dry and hot air, heat pump dryers are also the choice of many businesses today. The heat pump dryer when used to dry fruit can be set at a temperature of 50 to 60 degrees Celsius to provide the best drying quality. 

Freeze dryer

Refrigeration dryers use dry air on low heat to help evaporate the moisture present in the fruit. The temperature range of freeze drying technology is from 30 to 60 degrees Celsius and cold drying technology also has many different advantages. 

Fresh and dried fruits are delicious and nutritious food
Fresh and dried fruits are delicious and nutritious food

Which dry fruit dryer should be used today?

In general, each type of fruit dryer will have its own advantages and limitations. So which drying technology to use depends on each business unit as well as your finances. You can apply sublimation drying technology to dry fruits. This is also considered the most popular modern drying method. 

The advantage of freeze-drying technology is that it can keep up to 96% of the nutritional content. The color and flavor of the fruit is also kept almost completely and the output standard moisture is 3%. However, the investment cost is quite high and consumes a lot of electricity, so many small production facilities are still confused.

Besides, you can also use heat pump drying technology to make dried fruit. This technology also helps to keep the fruit color beautiful and dries quickly with less energy consumption. However, the investment cost is also quite high and the dryness is not uniform, only effective with some types of dried fruit. 

Dried fruit is always attractive and eye-catching
Dried fruit is always attractive and eye-catching

Heat pump drying technology is also suitable for small and medium processing facilities. Therefore, drying fruit with heat pump technology has not really been chosen by many people.

It can be said that the most popular and most popular drying technology today is the freeze-dried fruit dryer. You can dry almost any type of food. This includes vegetables, fruits and a variety of herbs and foods. When dried fruit will keep the maximum nutritional content and natural color as well as flavor.

With outstanding advantages compared to many other drying technologies, cold dryers have been used by more people. The cost to invest in a cold dryer is not too high compared to many other types of dryers. Moreover, there are many different types of refrigeration dryers, so they are suitable for many users as well as production scale.

In general, each type of fruit dryer will have its own advantages and limitations. You can consider the option based on your needs, finances and intended use. For small production facilities, it is advisable to choose a dryer that is affordable and can use machines with smaller capacity. While large enterprises or production facilities can choose industrial machines with large capacity.

SUNSAY dried fruit dryer for the best quality

Currently, SUNSAY dried fruit dryers are being chosen by many people because of their good quality and high drying efficiency. You can dry fruits and different foods with fast time, guaranteed quality. At SUNSAY Vietnam, we also provide customers with a wide range of dryers with a variety of models and capacities that you can choose from.

SUNSAY dried fruit dryer - Efficiently dries food
SUNSAY dried fruit dryer – Efficiently dries food

If you have any doubts about choosing a dried fruit dryer SUNSAY, please contact us at the hotline +84 94 110 8888 for advice. The information about the above dryers hopefully helps you better understand and be able to choose the best quality product.

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