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Currently, there are many businesses that choose to use cold drying ovens to ensure the best drying quality. What are the advantages of this product and why should it be used in production? We will provide all the information in the following article.

Learn about freeze drying ovens

This is a name that is no stranger to many food production facilities. The equipment applies cold drying technology to the production of drying food with low temperature. The dry air flow evaporates the water and helps the food to be dried as quickly as possible.

This method is also highly efficient and can dry a wide variety of foods. Which can include foods such as vegetables, fruits, seafood, medicinal herbs, etc. In general, dried foods when using a cold oven are very diverse to meet the different requirements of users.

Refrigeration ovens are in common use
Refrigeration ovens are in common use

Reasons to use a freeze dryer

It is no coincidence that many business units now use cold drying ovens to dry food. This product gives users a lot of advantages and ensures drying quality. The value of dried food is also much higher than the traditional drying method. Not only that, this drying method also has the following advantages.

Maximize energy savings when using

It can be said that using a cold drying oven is a way for businesses to save a lot of electricity. Because cold dryers are considered to be the least energy consuming compared to other conventional dryers.

Colors, flavors and nutrients in food are preserved

This is also an advantage that cannot be ignored when using a cold drying oven. This form of drying takes place at low temperature and is completely closed, so it can prevent bacteria as well as food oxidation. Nutrients, color and original taste of food can thus be guaranteed to the maximum.

Using cold drying technology to improve drying quality
Using cold drying technology to improve drying quality

Long use time

When using a cold dryer to dry food, you can store it for a long time, the storage time can be 1 year at room temperature. That’s why this drying method is now increasingly popular because it meets the production needs and preservation time of food.

Save labor and drying time

With the automatic drying ability, you can set the temperature and drying time depending on the type of food in the freezer to meet the strict requirements of the user. You can optimize labor and drying time effectively instead of using a lot of manpower like manual drying.

The address to buy the most prestigious and quality refrigeration oven

Selecting a supplier of cold drying ovens plays a very important role for businesses. Because there are many companies that offer this product on the market today. SUNSAY Vietnam is the unit that brings customers the best quality dryer products today.

With a wealth of experience along with a variety of products, we guarantee to bring you the most perfect choice. Using SUNSAY refrigeration dryer helps businesses save up to 80% of electricity consumption. So you can also optimize a lot of costs in the process of using and operating the dryer.

Not only that, the machine can also dry a variety of foods with a wide temperature range. Users can also change the function flexibly and meet different drying requirements. The intelligent programming system with flexible and easy-to-use drying capabilities helps SUNSAY freeze drying ovens gain more and more popularity among users.

When using a SUNSAY refrigerator, you can also save a lot of time. Not only that, the installation and maintenance process also does not take much time for customers. Therefore, production is also not interrupted. As a result, enterprises also save quite a lot of costs, ensuring the production operation process. 

High-end SUNSAY refrigeration dryer with affordable price
High-end SUNSAY refrigeration dryer with affordable price

It can be said that choosing SUNSAY refrigeration oven is a smart and quality choice for all users today. At SUNSAY Vietnam, we also provide users with a wide variety of products of high quality and design. You can choose the right dryer for your needs and financial capabilities.

The above information about the freeze drying oven hopes to help you better understand this product when there is a need to use it. Please contact SUNSAY Vietnam for advice on buying the best product. Selection of drying products and dryer supplier is very important to produce the best drying product. So please call us at hotline +84 94 110 8888 for advice and order now.

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