How to make simple dried fruit with a cold dryer

Dried fruit is a food sold in many supermarkets. This is also a favorite dish of many people. There are many ways to make dried fruit , but for production units, using a cold dryer is a first choice. Let’s learn about this device and the reasons why you should use a cold dryer to make flexible dried fruit right here.

Which fruits can be dried?

There are quite a few types of fruit you can freeze-dried, each with its own distinct flavor. Among them can be mentioned the most dried fruits such as mango, jackfruit, banana or persimmon. For flexible dried fruits, the requirements need to be succulent and have a high sugar content. Fruits with a sour and sweet taste after drying will still retain their characteristic flavor.

When drying fruit, the preservation will also be longer and meet the needs of many people. The color as well as nutrition after drying is still fully retained, so it is increasingly popular in the market. For plants with less water and less sugar, the drying method is preferred.

Various types of dried fruit
Various types of dried fruit

Instructions on how to make dried fruit with SUNSAY

SUNSAY Vietnam will teach you how to make flexible dried fruit simply with a SUNSAY freeze dryer. With this product, the process of making dried fruit is simpler and saves a lot of time. Not only that, the quality is also very guaranteed and you can dry in large quantities without much effort or labor.

Step 1: Choose dried fruit

With this step, you should choose the fruits that need to be dried according to your needs. Qualified fruits are those that are ripe, have beautiful colors and are not damaged or diseased. You can buy green fruits to ripen to avoid bruising when moving.

Step 2: Conduct preliminary processing of fruit

Peel and remove the seeds and avoid crushing the fruit. Then soak each type of fruit that needs to be dried in a solution of salt and sugar, then wash and slice. Please slice thinly so that the drying process is more efficient and aesthetic after drying.

Step 3: Drying the fruit

You put the prepared fruit in the drying tray. Arrange the batch to be the most uniform in quality. Then set the desired temperature, time and humidity. At this time, the dryer will operate according to the setting process to meet the standards required by each fruit.

Step 4: Finished products and storage

When the required drying time is over, you will get a quality, uniform and delicious finished product. Standardized finished products need to have a fresh color and certain plasticity, characteristic flavor. You should let the dried fruit cool before storing it. The preservation can use plastic bags or use glass jars and then store in the refrigerator to have a longer shelf life.

Dried fruit is always attractive and eye-catching
Dried fruit is always attractive and eye-catching

Why should you use the method of making dried fruit with a dryer?

It is not a coincidence that many businesses today prefer to choose a cold dryer when there is a need to dry fruit. Freeze drying technology with preeminent features will bring users a lot of advantages and benefits.

First of all, how to make dried fruit with cold drying technology will help keep the color and taste of the fruit. Thanks to the principle of circulating freeze-drying, there is no gas exchange with the environment, so the product quality is more assured. Maximum nutrients are retained with the low drying temperature range.

This is also the competitive advantage of SUNSAY refrigeration dryers when used by businesses. Moreover, when you make flexible dried fruit with SUNSAY dryer, you will also preserve fruit for longer and ensure food hygiene and safety. The drying tray is made of safe stainless steel with guaranteed standards, so the user’s health is protected to the maximum.

Refrigeration Dryer
Refrigeration Dryer

When drying also saves a lot of energy, helping you save a lot of money. As a result, businesses can optimize more costs while having a higher competitive advantage. Using a freeze dryer is a way for businesses to take their brand to the next level.

You can immediately own a SUNSAY refrigeration dryer by immediately calling SUNSAY Vietnam at hotline +9494 110 8888 for support. The information above has hopefully suggested to you how to make the most delicious dried fruit.

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